New Item to My Bag of Tricks

7 Nov

This month I’m adding a new peel to my Supreme Enzyme Facial.  It’s the Ayur-Medic Papaya Enzyme Peel.

Many of my clients are already familiar with the Ayur-Medic Pumpkin Peel that I’ve been using in my treatment room. It’s my go-to-peel for any skin type. It smells delicious and leaves skin baby soft. The Papaya Peel is the next step up and is very effective in purifying the skin and to even out skin tone. Great to use if you are concerned about acne scarring or sun damage.  Best of all – it’s not harsh like some other powerful peels.

This month you can choose between the Pumpkin or Papaya Peel in November’s Monthly Special. Save $15 and get a 1 hour treatment for only $50.00. I look forward to seeing you!

Ayur-Medic Papaya Enzyme Peel (2.5 oz)

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