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Natural Beauty

10 Aug

Keenan and Trish

This past weekend I had the pleasure of working with bride-to-be, Trish. She’s low maintenance when it comes to her everyday makeup but wanted something special for her engagement photos. She has gorgeous eyes so we decided that would be our main focus. I did a smokey eye using Arbonne eye shadow shades in Snow, Suede and Blackout.

#7855 Snow

#7845 Suede

#7845 Blackout

The key to keeping a dramatic eye natural is all in the blending. These shadows are easy to blend and I used a big fluffy eyeshadow brush in the crease. When Trish saw herself in the mirror she said “I love it! I still look like me!” Which is a huge compliment. ūüôā

To see the rest of this romantic photo shoot, check out the blog ShutterDee Photography. Dee really has a gift for capturing the sweetest and most candid moments.

If you’d like more info on this amazing make-up that is good for your skin, contact me today for a complimentary make-up consultation.

Happy Friday Everyone!


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Simply Ageless

5 Apr

It’s time for¬†more Hollywood glamour!¬† I first¬†met¬†Luisa to do her makeup for a ¬†photo shoot, and I was struck on how much she reminded me of¬† Hollywood actress, Penelope Cruz. It¬†must be¬†Luisa’s dark eyes, the smile, the ¬†hair, and oh yes, let’s not forget¬†the cute accent, that make her¬†seem like¬†she¬†could be¬†Penelope Cruz’s¬†sister.

Penelope Cruz (on the left) and my lovely client, Luisa (on the right)

Let’s make that BABY sister.¬†Penelope is¬†8 years older than Luisa. Which begs the question –¬† how does one keep that youthful glow? Here are my top 3 tips for glowing skin:

1. Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen! I don’t really care what kind it is¬†or what the spf is, the key is to wear it everyday. When it’s sunny,¬†cloudy, rainy, or somewhere in between – wear your¬†sunscreen ladies.¬†If you don’t¬†you’ll pay later with wrinkly, blotchy,¬†sun-damaged skin. And don’t even¬†get me started on tanning beds. There’s little that even the top skin care specialists in the world can¬†do for you fake and bakers! Not to mention the health risks involved. Unsure what sunscreen is best for you? Contact me and I’ll be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

2. Exfoliate¬†(within reason) – I love freshly exfoliated¬†skin, especially after a facial. Skin is dewy,¬†revitalized and glowing. But I’m horrified when I hear clients tell me how they scrub their faces every night¬†with harsh abrasive scrubs or washcloths! Be gentle. Be nice to your skin. An enzyme mask (look for ingredients such as glycolic or salicylic acid) once or twice a week along with regular facials, is¬†a good start to younger looking skin.

3. Hydrate From Within Рdrinking plenty of  water each day flushes out toxins from your system, keeps your skin hydrated and is essential for anti-aging prevention. If you really want to step it up Рtry adding healthy oils to your diet such as olive oil or flax seed oil which helps protect the skin against oxidative stress.

 Photography: Shutterdee.com / Jewelry: Laurie Sarah Designs /Photoshoot for: Couture Wedding Collection

Grace Meets Kelli

15 Mar
Grace Kelly’s Engagement Photo

Grace Kelly was a woman with style, class and.. well…grace. She was always elegant¬†and opted for a¬†simple and understated¬†style that’s certainly worth emulating, even today.

Kelli’s classic bone structure, blond¬†up-swept hair and pearl necklace¬†made her a perfect choice for a Grace Kelly inspired bride.¬†

Photo by Dee at Shutterdee.com

Learn how to get this look in 3 easy steps!

  1. Less is more –¬†when it comes to make up, choose flattering shades (neutral colors are a safe choice)¬†and apply with a light touch. For Kelli, I used mineral eyeshadows¬†in shades of gray and white¬†with a touch of¬†glimmery beige on the lid.¬† Soft pinks on cheeks and lips add color without being too overdone. I opted for cluster lashes over a strip lash to keep with the natural look.¬† Using a mineral foundation, which will cover imperfections but still allow your own skin to show through, is best.
  2. Keep hair soft Рthink up swept, waves, looser hair styles with pretty accessories. Nothing harsh or too pulled back.
  3. Speaking of accessories РGrace Kelly was known for wearing a single strand of pearls. Try updating this look with the Charlotte Statement Necklace from Stella & Dot. I can picture this necklace with a cardigan and jeans, just as easy as I can a beautiful wedding gown. 

Stay tuned for another Hollywood inspired bride!

Old Hollywood Made New – Part 1

8 Mar

“Nothing¬†Makes a Woman More Beautiful Than the Belief That She is Beautiful.” – Sophia Lauren

My inspiration for this post is Sophia Loren.  She is gorgeous and her look is sultry and timeless.

Photo by Jack Cardiff

Recently, I had the privilege¬†of working on a photo shoot for Couture Wedding Collection,¬†where the models reminded me of¬†Classic Hollywood Stars. Here’s Cynthia. She’s¬†my “Sophia Loren” inspired bride:

Photo by Dee at Shutterdee.com

How¬†can you get that¬† “Sophia” look? It’s all about the eye! Here are 3 easy steps to achieve it:

¬†1) I used Sephora’s Nano Eyeliner¬†in Glitter Black¬†to achieve that smokey yet soft eye. It’s really easy to work with.¬†

2) Equally important is to highlight the brow bone. Try Bare Minerals eyecolor in Snow. It’s the perfect glow without being too shimmery.

3) A strong brow is a must, but you want it to look natural in order to stay current. I love tarte waterproof Amazonian clay brow mousse. It makes it¬†really goof proof to get the brows you’ve always dreamed about!

By coincidence, Cynthia’s little girl is named…. Sophia. ūüôā

She's as sweet as she is cute!

To see more of the photo shoot visit www.coutureweddingcollection.com.

Stayed tuned for more Hollywood inspired brides!

The Power of Red

27 Feb

When I think of¬† “instant confidence” for any woman,¬†I think¬†red lipstick. A woman wearing red lipstick translates to others “I’m sassy, bold and self-assured”. Even when on the inside you may be feeling otherwise.¬†Case in point: my close friend and client,¬†Dee, a talented photographer (Shutterdee Photography) who rocks it when it comes to being behind the camera and¬†is adorably shy when it comes to being in front of one.¬†For the shoot, I¬†applied a daring red lip¬†and voila! I don’t see¬†an ounce of shy.¬†I see¬†the¬†beautiful and¬†confident woman that she is.

All hail to the power of red!

Details Рfor the photo shoot I used stila long wear lip color shade in lover and long wear lip liner in passionate. These colors are universally flattering on just about everyone.